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Simple Mathematics of Saving Money on Razors
You probably spend $150-230/year. This costs $3, and saves $170.00/year

      With typical razor usage, you probably change an expensive cartridge every week. If your usage differs, adjust the amounts accordingly.
  • a $15 four pack would cost $180.00/year.
  • Annual Shaving Cream costs $50/year or more.
  • With the Shave For Less Method, it is about $60.00/year for cartridges.
  • That's a savings of $165.00 a year!
  • For a young adult that's easily a savings of $10,000 over a lifetime!

See below for more detail

Prices of expensive cartridges vary depending on where you live and where you shop, but on average a pack of four cartridge refills costs about $15 in the US. If you change your cartridge every week, a pack of four would last a month; At $15 per pack, the annual cost (exclusive of taxes, which in some places can be up to 10%) is $180.00. If your blade life triples, your annual cost would only be $60.00.
     If you buy Edge Shave Gel, Skintimate, or even Barbasol Shaving Cream, the annual costs can be an additional $50-$75 or more depending on your usage. With the Shave For Less Method annual costs are usually less than $5. Between the two savings, your annual costs would total $65 instead of $230.00 or more. That's a savings of $165.00/year. For your lifetime savings amount, simply adjust the figures above for your particular scenario, and multiply by the number of years you will be shaving. For example with the usage and costs described above, a twenty year old male that lives to be 80 would save 165/year x 60 years = $9,900! That's quite a savings for only the cost of one expensive cartridge!

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